Three Times Japan in Belgium


1. The Japanese Garden in Ostend “Shin Kai Tei” (深海庭) or Deep Sea Garden

20130810_13001320130810_131100These calligraphy characters look like the name of the garden, but they are in reversed order! 庭 海 深 Does somebody know why? Or could it be a mistake?

The pond is shaped like a turtle.


2. Museum of the Far East in Brussels


The red Japanese tower (pagoda) and the Chinese entrance gate. The architecture of the different buildings were more in Chinese style, like this one, the museum for Chinese porcelain:


In the museum of Japanese art there were many nice objects, but it was a bit dark, so I couldn’t take pictures of that wonderful, pink, crane-patterned kimono. I managed to photograph some kabuki ukiyo-e with my shadow on it though:




3. The Stone Garden in the Abbey of Orval

To my surprise, I found a Zen garden in a Cistercian abbey. One of the monks rakes the gravel as a form of meditation.




7 thoughts on “Three Times Japan in Belgium

  1. Wauw, zalig 😀 Ik moet toegeven dat ik niet eens af wist van de tuin in Oostende =3 Mooie foto’s ook! Het doet me zin krijgen om m’n biezen te pakken en ook eens rond te gaan kijken in ons dierbaar België

  2. Not sure if you still need the answer to why the characters are in reverse order, but I’ll post this here anyway (in English for others to read too).~

    I believe horizontal writing was only introduced in Meiji-jidai, and before World War II, they did not have a fixed standard whether to write left → right or right → left. Therefore, documents and the like from that period may be written from right to left. Another example I encountered a couple of months ago was that of a banknote. Leaving a link below (:

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