Japanese Patterns in Western Fashion

I recently bought a silk, short kimono-styled top from Zara. This item was from the summer collection, though. (I’m the type of sale hunter who waits till all the mainstream stuff is gone so she can lay her hand on all the edgy, quirky, cheap left overs.)

japanese-prints-zara-kimono-jacketIt seems that during the past season, Japanese patterns were in vogue. I saw it at Zara, H&M, Mango and other chain stores. With “Japanese patterns” the brands mean embroidered images of birds, cranes, flowers and so on in vivid colors. The silk kimono jacket moved from the collector’s room straight into the ladies’ wardrobe.



H&M, Mango

H&M, Mango



On the catwalk, items inspired by Japanese style garments could be seen in the Spring/Summer collections of fashion houses.

Vivienne Westwood - marketplace.asos.com

Vivienne Westwood – marketplace.asos.com


4 thoughts on “Japanese Patterns in Western Fashion

    • Thank you for your comment! You’re right, I saw an Asian inspired collection last year in the Dries Van Noten shop while window-shopping in Antwerp. Best of Belgian fashion + Japanese patterns = great idea! 🙂

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